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We offer showreels and stream video services, educational material on CD and DVD, interactive presentations and related multimedia products such audio and video creation/capture and editing.


  • Audio encoding from different formats like wav, mp3, mp4, aiff, au, ape, wma, acc, ogg, etc.
  • Audio restoration and enhancement.
  • Audio special effects.
  • Tape to CD, Vinyl to CD, DVD audio to sound formats.


  • We create professional DVD’s from video sources including DVD authoring from VHS, Mini DV and files such as AVI, Div X, mpeg2, mpeg 4, asf, wmv, etc.
  • Stream video and compression between different formats for internet use.
  • Educational video tutorials.
  • Custom video capture and editing.

Artminds Digital Media interactive portfolio available on CD upon request.



Artminds multimedia


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